Pet Healthpoint®

Pet Healthpoint® is an interactive touch screen system for pet retailers and veterinary clinics. It improves access to animal health information and product recommendations for customers and staff.

Pet Healthpoint®:

  • Helps to select the most appropriate dog for the family -’Choosing a breed‘.
  • Helps select the right food for the pet - ’Choosing food‘ .
  • Provides an extensive range of information written by vets and professional writers detailing pet conditions, behaviours,treatments and more. Click here for a sample.
  • Provides hundreds of fish care and species information including interactive what fish goes with what.
  • Incorporates ’Shopping lists‘ within core topics to highlight products relevant to the condition.
  • Incorporates key condition and product training for staff.
  • Generates checklists for new pets.

Pet Healthpoint® comes in a range of wireless interactive touch screens including:

  • iPad - for one-on-one counselling
  • Desktop - for counters
  • Wall - to fit into category areas
  • Content is also available for websites