Pet Healthpoint

Pet Healthpoint provides hundreds of topics and interactive assessments on common pets including dogs, cats, fish and small animals. Using interactive touch screens - iPads and desktops, Pet Healthpoint is ideal for wherever pet products are sold including:

  • pet retailers
  • vet clinics
  • pharmacies


Pet Healthpoint will improve the shopping experience, customer service and increase product sales.

  • Topics can be emailed to customers or printed in store. Click here for sample.
  • Covers popular topics, including behaviour, diseases and ailments.
  • Interactive assessments to better understand pets' needs including:
    • Breed selector - choosing the right dog for your family.
    • Food selector - picking the right food for your dog or cat.
  • Checklists for pets.

Pet Healthpoint® comes in a range of wireless interactive touch screens including:

  • iPad - for one-on-one counselling
  • Desktop - for counters
  • Wall - to fit into category areas
  • Content is also available for websites